We like to work,live and learn with our startups. Mentor involvement at every phase of business development, project management, financial planning and investor relations.

Design and Development Support

Mentors with experience in ICT product development will give you a hand in UX, UI, scalability, security and search optimization. Learn to build across mobile,tablet and desktop platforms.

Office Space and Essentials

Accessible Campus life right in city center of Ankara in proximity to major university technoparks .24 hour Office space, internet service, server space, meeting rooms, training and sports facilities.


Restaurant menus and food social network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay in Garaj ?

6 Months

Can I stay in Garaj after the program ?

Contact us and find out what you can do after you complete your product

What areas of entrepreneurship do you support?

ICT projects for mobile,tablet,pc and various other platforms

What stage shall I apply to Garaj ?

We prefer idea stage but if you are open to change you can apply at any stage.

What are the stages of project development that you support?

Click and find out.

What is the application fee?

Application is free. We take %10 equity out of your future company.



Post evaluation, acceptance into Viveka Ideation Camp, need identification, market search and solution development. Agreement is signed and setting up your team in the new office space.

Conceptual Design

Based on your existing resources development of the concept with the highest impact with your mentors. Speed up with development plan and launch plan and start getting your hands dirty.



Visual Design

Pick the right visual language and style to appeal to your target market. Learn to access vast image libraries and visual assets. Mentors will be sharing successful examples and best practices.

Software Development

Complete your wireframes and work on user interface. Working with our mentors you will manage to build a powerful user experience going through various tests.>


Demo Product

Push your product to your target segment.Test your business model with our mentors, have special access to our PR network and advertising channels, bundle your service with our existing portfolio of entrepreneurs.

Financing and Reach to Market

Apply your marketing and sales tactics. We will help you find a valuable investor partner.Our aim is to help you graduate from Garaj with a business to support you and your team.